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For the Love of the AI technology

Ainovations was established in 2021 to craft interactive AI machine learning.

Is your company ready for AI? We love tech and Ai is as exciting as it gets, with the application of Ai on the primary commercial market seeing explosive growth. Ai is a huge part of next generation technology, and our team works round the clock to get up to speed on machine learning requirements.

But thanks to technology companies and their voice recognition technologies, we now have automated A.I. Customer Support and automated programming robots to handle those pesky human interaction tasks we simply don't have time for anymore. With these changes also comes brand new opportunities. Earn extra income simply by training AI.

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Ainovations- Las Palmas

We are a Swedish start up in Las Palmas, Spain with a focus on AI Technology. Our DynamIc team is always looking to meet the latest demand from the tech world.

It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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