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Audio Transcription

Updated: Jan 4

What Is a Transcriptionist?

Transcriptionists listen to audio files and convert them into written language. They’re often heard, but rarely seen, although they play an important role in today’s world of technology and communication. Here’s what you need to know about becoming a transcriptionist and how much it pays to get started.

Where Do Freelance Transcriptionists Work

Freelance transcriptionists typically work at home, though some might work in an office. Some freelancers get additional training in medical transcription, which requires more training and expertise, but pays more than general freelance transcription jobs. Freelance transcriptionists must be fluent in English (though if you’re translating documents from another language, your fluency level may not matter) and have good spelling skills; they also need to pay attention to detail and can’t make many mistakes.

Key Skills Needed by Freelance Transcriptionist

The most important skills you will need to become a successful freelance transcriptionist are strong listening skills, excellent grammar, knowledge of legal terminology and medical terms, attention to detail, good typing skills, and an ear for audio. Knowledge of transcribing software is also crucial. But don’t worry if you’re new to transcribing; most people start out as an assistant with experience learning on-the-job.

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